2014 Everost Catalog

Executive Team

Harry Wotton Harry Wotton, MS BioEng
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Prior to co-founding Everost, Inc., Harry was President, Managing Director (Securos Europe GmbH and Securos UK) and Chief Design Engineer for Securos, the company he founded in 1997. For 17 years as the pioneer behind Securos, Harry reshaped many aspects of veterinary orthopedic surgery by continually innovating new products, procedures and educational programs. He introduced ground breaking products such as the lateral suture crimping system, tibia plateau leveling plates, break off bone anchors, tibial tuberosity advancement implants, orthopedic fibers and many more. He is also spent most of the last 2 years researching and developing products for CCL replacement in dogs, as well as, the first ever canine hip resurfacing implant system. Harry is very passionate about advancing the veterinary orthopedic market through innovation, education and customer service. Harry has numerous United States Patents for his innovative work in veterinary medicine.

Darroll Wotton, Co-Founder
Sr. Vice President, Business Development and Chief Operating Officer
Prior to co-founding Everost, Inc. Darroll was VP - Operations and Business Development for Securos, Inc. During his time there, he focused on achieving double digit revenue growth through global expansion, product line expansion and the development of industry first collaborative customer programs. These efforts resulted in a tripling of sales over a 5 year period. Darroll also successfully developed and implemented several strategic planning and transaction life cycle processes that dramatically increased operational efficiencies.

Alex Vrancich
Director, Everost Surgical
Alex Vrancich joined the Everost team as Director in 2013 and brings nearly 20 years of direct veterinary surgical expertise to the Everost team. His experience centers around the manufacture, care and handling, and repair of surgical instruments and orthopedic equipment. He has extensive international business experience and will directly oversee and foster relationships with Everost's distribution partners worldwide.