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February 2014

Man's Best Friend's 'Friends' Are Back

It's been said that success comes in waves. And few people know this better than Wotton brothers, Harry and Darroll. Harry Wotton tackled his first wave during his undergraduate years at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). As a mechanical engineering major, Harry focused his Major Qualifying Project on designing a load-bearing, external skeletal fixation device for dogs that stabilizes and supports the dog while it recovers from a leg injury. While Harry's plan after WPI was to attend UMASS Medical School, the wave Harry was riding at WPI led him to a different shore.

He continued his graduate studies at WPI, focusing on biomedical engineering where he took the load-bearing fixation device further. Realizing he had a practical solution to canine orthopedic needs, Harry passed on medical school and founded SECUROS, Inc. in March of 1997 to bring his external skeletal fixation system to market. Within a decade, Wotton developed a range of products covering all areas of orthopedics, including long bone fractures, total joints, joint stabilization, ACL repair, spinal and surgical instrumentation. His company was awarded six ten patents with several more pending.

Darroll Wotton, Harry's brother, joined SECUROS in 2004 as the company's Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of New Business Development. At the same time the brothers started a company called IVDN, of which Darroll was the President/CEO. IVDN was established to remove layers between the veterinary product manufacturers and the veterinarian. Over a three year period the business grew substantially with large veterinary distributors.

In 2007, Harry and his brother Darroll, sold SECUROS and IVDN to a large, publicly traded veterinary healthcare distributor, MWI, Inc. For the Wotton brothers the acquisition promised to accelerate the sale and distribution of the Wotton's' patented specialty and proprietary surgical implants and instruments into a broader veterinary orthopedic market. Harry remained as president, chief design engineer and CEO, Darroll became Vice President of New Business Development and Operations. The WottonsWotton's distinguished themselves by developing new products, building strong international relationships, establishing a legacy in veterinary healthcare education, helping veterinarians achieve better outcomes for their patients, and through innovation and dedication to animals. Securos was the first orthopedic company to ever be acquired and raised the awareness of the importance of veterinary orthopedics.

While at the helm Harry Wotton, ever the visionary, pioneered new products, including a Bionic Hip Resurfacing System that is ideal for arthritic, young dogs. The first ever cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) replacement system (Canix), in human's the CCL is known as the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), promised to provide better outcomes while re-establishing the knee's normal kinematics. He introduced the first variable locking implant systems to the market changing the way surgeons view locking technology and made numerous advancements in the area of TTA and TPLO. All this while his second patented product was used to repair over 120,000 dog knees in 2011. His efforts will leave an everlasting effect on veterinary surgery.

In January 2011, the Wotton's separated from Securos the company they founded and grew to impressive heights. It was very difficult to walk away from something they created from the ground up but was a decision that had to be made. Despite the set back of exiting Securos and the legal issues that arouse, the brothers remain focused on improving the lives of companion animals. Much of their focus will be on advanced regenerative medicine. "Our goal is to not only bring new products, procedures, and orthopedic devices to market, but to educate veterinarians and animal owners about the advancements in veterinarian care and procedures so that proper decisions can be made," said Harry Wotton.

Harry continues to share his passion for his work beyond the marketplace. He is a frequent guest lecturer in biomedical engineering courses at WPI, lectures at the WPI Bioengineering Institute's Corporate Forum, is on the advisory board for the WPI Biomedical Engineering Department and serves as a mentor to Major Qualifying Project teams. To acknowledge his innovation, dedication, and service, Worcester Polytechnic Institute awarded Harry the Ichabod Washburn Young Alumni Award for Professional Achievement. In 2009, the Worcester Business Journal recognized and celebrated Harry's outstanding achievements as a young, successful and giving professional during their annual "40 Under 40" awards celebration. Currently, both Harry and Darroll serve on the board of the Tri-Community YMCA. Harry is the incoming President and sits on the executive committee; Darroll is head of the finance committee.

As the Wotton brothers can attest, one moment you are riding the crest of the wave and the next you may find yourself battling to keep afloat. But one thing Harry and Darroll Wotton know for certain: to rise again one must follow one's passion; and with the right mental attitude, with discipline and persistence, success is surely in the near future.

Harry and Darroll founded Everost, Inc. in June 2012. Their new company has introduced market changing innovations to the veterinary orthopedic community.