2014 Everost Catalog

Who is Everost

The year was 1997 and the vision was to, well, survive. The first invention was an external fixation system, aiming guide,
better pins, and better outcomes. Off we went.

Then we got in the habit of obsessing over every orthopaedic procedure. The question was never how can we improve
the product or procedure... it was when! During 2001,the groundbreaking Crimping device system was introduced.
This revolutionized how lateral suture procedures were done and dramatically improved surgical outcomes.

Shortly thereafter, there was a 'break off' bone anchor, then a new TPLO plate, evolutionary designs for TTA, TPO,
and hip replacements... and, the first clinically proven synthetic ACL replacement in dogs. Seven patents, many innovations and a lot of hard work later we have moved on.

We are now at the beginning again, with Everost. Focused on next generation materials, products, and, of course,
re-obsessing over every orthopaedic procedure. It is our promise, to you, that we will work hard to ensure our innovative
designs will provide better surgical outcomes.

Bioabsorbables, composites, ceramics, fibers. Say Bye to metal. Say Hi to Everost Biomaterials.