2014 Everost Catalog


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Many advances made in veterinary medicine originate in the operating room with you! If the needs aren’t communicated the solutions most likely will never surface. Everost provides an idea center (EverCenter) so that you can easily submit your ideas to us. You might simply have an idea of improving an existing product or you might have an idea for something very novel. Either way we are very interested in hearing from you! We will give your idea complete protection and fully evaluate it with our team of engineers.

Submit your Idea
To submit your idea to Everost, please request a mutual non-disclosure agreement from our office. Once this documents is signed by both parties, you can be assured your idea is safe! Visit www.everost.co.uk for more details and online documents.

The next step will be to schedule a conference call with one of our engineers or simply email or fax your idea to our office, attn. Product Development. After our review, we will be sure to follow up with you regarding your idea.

Everost is truly the only company that is able to take an idea to reality in a very efficient manner. At Everost, we have the best in engineering and manufacturing capabilities. This allows us to move very quickly from concept-engineered design-prototype-testing-production-quality control-ready for sale. Our founders track record in product creation speaks for itself!