2014 Everost Catalog

Xorption TTA Products

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Xorption TTA Cage and TTA One wedge

  • Very predictable bioabsorption profile
  • No crystalline degradation buildup
  • Large potential for osteogenesis
  • Known osteoconductive material(bioceramic)
  • Calcium ions promotes natural osteogenesis

  • Adequate mechanical properties for safe bone healing
  • Better material vs. stainless or titanium
  • Proven track record in scientific articles
  • TTA One may be used with or with out wings for MMP
  • Material is drillable

Xorption TPLO Plate

  • Produced with same bioabsorbable as Xorption and TTA One
  • Load bearing strength comes from the blending and binding of a well studied bioglass
  • Polyaxial (may be used with any locking screw)
  • Promotes natural bone growth
  • Innovative geometry that matches it’s titanium sibling
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14 mos. Post Op X-ray
The Xorption implants bioabsorb leaving only natural bone behind!