2014 Everost Catalog

Everost Surgical Instrument
Revitalization Program

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Introducing the EVEROST Surgical Instrument Revitalization Program
EVEROST is committed to ensuring quality service throughout the life of every Everost instrument. Everost’s commitment to quality does not end after an instrument is purchased, as evidenced by the lifetime dedicated warranty, whereby Everost agrees to sharpen, repair, and fully refurbish any instrument with the Everost brand at no charge for the useful life of the instrument. Everost’s Surgical Instrument Revitalization program guarantees that every instrument functions properly and is available when you need it.

Surgical Instrument performance is necessary to ensure that surgeons are satisfied and patient care is never compromised, and that is why the Everost Surgical Instrument Revitalization Program was developed. Skilled craftsman and instrument makers are trained to service any and all instruments and return them to an ‘almost new’ condition, quickly and conveniently. Our technicians are trained using tried and true instrument refurbishment techniques and have the access to parts combined with the technical expertise to revitalize all makes and model of surgical instruments. Everost technicians only use new factory parts to match the original specifications of your instruments.

In addition to servicing Everost brand surgical instruments, the Everost Surgical Instrument Revitalization Program is dedicated to servicing all makes and models of instruments to help you reduce your replacement costs and down time.

The Everost Surgical Instrument Revitalization Program is fast and easy
to use.

  • Identify instruments requiring service.
  • Fill out the transfer documents letting our technicians know what is wrong with your instruments.
  • Box them and send them to our National Repair Center located at:
    Everost National Repair Center, 59 Technology Park Road, Sturbridge, MA 01566

Once received, instruments will be inspected, serviced, and returned directly to your practice.

Committed to Service and Education

Everost provides free consultation services following inspection. If we see a pattern of misuse, or improper care following inspection, we will provide a free consultative write-up with helpful tips designed to educate staff members to help extend the life of your surgical instruments.

Primary Program Benefits:

  • Reducing overall expenditures on surgical instrumentation by extending the life of your instruments.
  • Improving surgeon precision and performance.

Advantages of the Everost Surgical Instrument Revitalization Program

  • Free Service for Everost branded instruments. Additionally, Everost services all other brands of surgical instruments, however, fees apply to non-Everost branded surgical instrument repairs.
  • Complete Surgical Restoration. Instruments are inspected, cleaned, polished, repaired, lubricated and packaged.
  • Everost’s technicians are highly trained in the art of surgical instrument repair and our pledge is to return instruments to original manufactured specifications.

Services Provided through the Everost Surgical Instrument Revitalization Program

  • Needle Holder Tip Replacement
  • Sharpening Services on all Sharp and Semi-Sharp Instruments
  • Micro, Neuro, and Cardiovascular Instrument Repair
  • Factory Direct Parts Replacement
  • Re-Gold Services
  • Etching Services
  • Custom Modifications
  • Clipper Blade Sharpening and Repair