2014 Everost Catalog

Diamond Crimping System

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The engineers at Everost were the first to introduce a crimping system for the

treatment of cranial cruciate ruptures in dogs in the year 2000. Over the years that followed, they continued to improve upon what seemed to be perfect. First was the single action crimping device followed by the double action crimping device and than new tip geometry.

The one thing that remained constant over all changes to the system was the precise, error free crimping tool. This remains the same with the latest Everost crimping system.

The Everost system is calibrated to deliver the perfect crimp every time. It isn’t dependent on hand strength or surgeon skill. The only requirement is that the tool’s jaws close all the way. Once the jaws close, the perfect crimp is delivered. The Everost Diamond Crimper delivers more holding power than any of the crimpers before it!

Lateral Suture Repair System Key Features:

  • Innovative jaw design
  • Delivers 30% more holding power compared to other devices
  • Compatible with 40#, 80#, 100# monofilaments
  • Compatible with EverStrong sutures
  • Compatible with competitions monofilament and fiber sutures
  • Precisely calibrated crimping jaw to ensure proper crimp
  • Lifetime warrantee for material defects and workmanship
  • Created by the original crimp tool designer