2014 Everost Catalog

Lateral Stabilization

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Today, we are re-inventing again! We are extremely excited to introduce the Rotax System. This system is a crimpless,

knotless system that allows for very precise, incremental tension of the lateral suture. A key component to the system is the ContinuOS high strength fiber. ContinuOS is a one piece, loop of fiber that has strength and other mechanical characteristics that far exceed the current fibers.

With the Rotax System, one is able to provide the very best in care, using the latest advancements and saving on all the expensive instrumentation.

Constant improvement coupled with new ideas creates success!

Advantages of RotaX:

  • Crimpless/Knotless Lateral Suture Fixation
  • Continuous Loop Fiber
  • 60% more strength than non-looped suture
  • Precise tension control
  • No stress risers
  • RotaX post allows for suture
  • Versatile applications
  • No expensive instrumentation

Step-by-Step Instructions for UseDownload RotaX instruction sheet

Step 1

Drill the anchor holes in the femur and tibia using a 2.3mm drill bit. It is recommended that you use the Rotax drill guide to place your holes in order to measure distance between them.

Step 2

Install the purple Rotax post into the femur using a standard 2.5mm hex screw driver. Seat the post to the desired depth.

Step 3

Install the blue Rotax tensioning anchor into the tibia. Screw the anchor in until it hits the Rotax spacing tool. Make sure anchor hole is facing post.

Step 4

Place the ContinuOS loop orthopedic fiber through the tensioning anchor. Use the guide suture to pull it through the hole and than loop it back over tensioning anchor (see Figure). Pull tight.

Step 5

Tighten the Rotax tension anchor until the desire tension is reached. It is recommended that you test the tension as the anchor is advanced so not to over tension the suture.

Step 6

Insert a locking pin to lock the anchor in position. The pin needs to hit the anchor and interfere with the threads to ensure the tension.

Alternative Securing Method

If there is question of the bone quality or cortical thickness in the tibia location of the tensioning anchor use this configuration.

For step 3 above, install another post instead of a tensioning anchor. Wrap the ContinuOS fiber around the post in the tibia and place a tensioning anchor distal to the post at approximately 10mm away. Continue to Step 4 above.