2014 Everost Catalog

Pins & Wire

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The EVEROST range of Steinmann Pins and K-Wire is the highest quality available in the veterinary market. We manufacture our pins and wire to all FDA standards and they carry a 510K for human use. Our pins have a uniquely designed cutting tip the is sharper, harder, cuts easier and produces 30% less heat than the standards pins. All the benefits with out any additional cost!

Quality shouldn’t be compromised when choosing these basic implants. Due to the lack of a regulatory body in the veterinary market choose you supplier carefully. The Everost implants are made from the same implant quality 316LVM and Titanium that is used for the production of human implants. Our manufacturing facilities are all FDA and/or ISO registered which have very thorough quality systems. We strictly follow all FDA, ASTM and ISO specifications when producing our implants.