2014 Everost Catalog

Tibial Plateau
Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO)

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EverLok Plateless TPLO FIXATION

WOW! Is normally the reaction when a surgeon looks at this extremely innovative solution to TPLO fixation. EVERLok is a great example of the passion our engineers have for advancing veterinary orthopaedics. It’s the first of its kind and offers many benefits to the patient, client and surgeon.

EVERLok delivers over 200N of uniform compression across the cut line. This creates an extremely stable fixation when combining the compressional forces with the resulting friction on the surfaces. The locking mechanism between the two implants used ensures long term fixation while allowing for primary boney healing.

Technology like this will make surgeries less invasive, allow for faster healing and have less complications. The solution doesn’t always have to be the obvious one!

Advantages of the EverLok Plateless TPLO Fixation:

  • Zero Profile, no plate
  • Uniform Compression Medial –
    Lateral (>200N)
  • Stable Fixation
  • Versatile Applications
  • Reinforced Bone Bridge
  • Precise Instrumentation
  • The New Way of Fixation!