2014 Everost Catalog

Gain Sharing

We have created a unique program that assists hospitals and veterinarians in developing successful economic alignment programs in specialty surgical services. Our innovative Gainsharing Programs combine the power of proven technology with proprietary processes to decrease costs while maintaining high quality surgical outcomes.

The principals of Everost have over 30 years
of experience in veterinary surgical devices,
with a particular focus on surgical instruments
and wound closure. This experience has
allowed us to build first class relationships
with manufacturers from around the world.

It is precisely these relationships that allow
us to provide a direct connect from the
manufacturer to the end user, resulting in
enormous savings to individual clinics.

The success of the Gainsharing model rests totally with participating general practice veterinary hospital, and their ability to control surgical device costs without sacrificing quality. When hospitals are more attuned to the quality, and cost, of the surgical devices they use, hospitals will see the results reflected in better surgical outcomes for their patients, as well as their bottom line financial performance.

Our solutions provide clients:

  • Clinical quality improvement that reduces complications
  • Supply cost reduction that takes into account utilization and cost reduction while improving inventory management
  • Efficient, effective and streamlined use of ancillary services, such as our industry leading Instrument revival program
  • Streamlined order and account management
  • Access to state of the art training and instructional videos